Raccoon extermination tips

Raccoons are one of the annoying and nuisance causing animals that have adapted to living with humans. This is because of the way they have made garbage cans and dumpsters their source of food, and peoples� home their habitat. Moreover, the diseases they carry can be so deadly to humans and pests, including their poops which can contain roundworms that if inhaled can cause serious sickness.

Below are various methods of exterminating raccoons, which includes the lethal and humane methods:


One of the methods of exterminating raccoons is by drowning it in water, and many people use this. However, it is an inhumane method of killing raccoons but it�s highly effective. This is done by trapping the raccoon in a trap cage first, and then it is submerged inside water in either a lake, pool or other similar places until the animal dies.

There are also some specially designed cages with a small water tank under it, the lower part of the cage will open immediately the raccoon enters it and will eventually die by drowning. Although this is a lethal method, but a humane method can also be adopted using the same technique, this is just by replacing the water with carbon dioxide or a lethal injection. 


This is one of the fastest, easiest and the most convenient ways of killing raccoons. This is because of the ability to hit the target on the animal because of its moderate body size. You would not have much difficulty in shooting it, just point the gun at the raccoons when its positioned correctly, then pull the trigger. However, you may need to check whether it is legal or illegal to shoot at mammals in your area.


Though this might be illegal in most states, but it is also another method to kill raccoons. There are different options of poisons available for purchase in the market. Some of the poisons work differently according to its extermination strategy. In case poison use is legal in your area, below are some of the poisons available and their method of killing:

  • Anticoagulant: This is a poison used in killing mice and rats, and it can also kill raccoons. Anticoagulant is known to cause internal bleeding and damage to capillaries in raccoons; it brings extreme pain which make raccoons die in a short period.
  • Antifreeze: This type of poison works within 24 hours, and causes tissue and cellular damage in raccoons. In the initial stage, vomiting and nausea will occur followed by heart, kidney and liver failure


This one of the fastest way to kill raccoons within a minute, this type of trap has a trigger and jaw. So, once the raccoons steps on the tripper, automatically the jaws will move and catch it from its neck and spine area. The raccoon is killed immediately due to the strong pressure on its spine. To achieve a desired result using this method, it is important to install the trap in a correct order that will enable the raccoons to step on the trigger.

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