Can I bury my dog in the backyard?

Pets are part of our family, but at some point, the time comes for us to say goodbye to them because of old age or some diseases. Most people bury their dead pets in the backyard, but doing so can be risky for other pets and even the owners who love them.

Why burying is not a good option?

Although it seems the easiest way to respectfully take care of your pets remains but this is dangerous for pets and wildlife. Sometimes pet owners are forced to put their pets on sleep (due to a very painful situation of pet) peacefully with an extremely concentrated anesthetic agent. This drug remains in the body of pet for one year. If any other animal eats that body, he will also die due to poison. There are many cases reported in the cities because of this. Once two dogs scavenged some bones from a cow that was euthanased on farm months before, one dog died, and second was seriously ill for many days.

If the buried pet is died because of any disease that disease can spread to other animals and even humans, the dead body of such pets can be a risk. If the death was the result of any virus infection or bacterial infection, other animals could get infected from these.

What to do?

Crematorium services are available in large cities; these services are very professional and have a variety of options and price ranges that are according to the choice of the pet owner. Professional burial or crematory vanishes all risks related to backyard burial. In the USA, it is illegal to bury your dead in the backyard. You can take help from your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can provide you with information on methods such as cremation or burial in a designated pet cemetery.

Many schools, colleges, and universities always look for dead pets to experiment on them. If an animal dies because of any disease, they can work on understanding this disease, and it can be helpful to conduct researches to make vaccines for its treatment. 

Beyond helping us human research diseases, veterinary schools need pet body donors to help teach anatomy, surgery, and pathology. At its most ethical, this training is done on the bodies of animals that have died from natural causes.

Donated pets provide my students with a valuable understanding of how the disease affects the body. We reported the autopsy results back to the pet�s veterinarian. This information is crucial to vets who want to confirm diagnoses, and for giving grieving owners some closure.

If you chose option to bury your euthanased pet, please consider enclosing their remains in a container that would prevent other animals from accessing the body. Many local councils also have restrictions on pet burial, and it is worth looking at your local area�s guidelines. If you dont follow the laws of the state, you may get in trouble being fined or behind bars.

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